February 14, 2019 2 min read

Favourite Venue - Kentish stour has been my so called local since I started fishing but it I am partial to fishing the river wye for its stunning scenery.
Favourite species - Barbel but I do enjoy fishing for most species including abroad.
Favourite style - Stalking in gin clear waters with light tackle, I also love free lining.
Favourite Hinders Bait -The ever trust worthy Elips Pellets.
Ashley with a Barbel
Most memorable session - I have to many to pick the best one but a good memory for myself was when I landed my first Kentish Stour double after taking 12 years to do so! I was watching a shoal of 7 or 8  barbel in a proper hit and hold swim along with half a dozen chub in the feeding motion over a bed of hinders pellets and chilli hemp. It took 2 hours before I cast a rig in and within 30 seconds I had a 4lb chub on the bank! I moved up to the next swim which I was pre baiting but couldn't see any signs of fish. I lowered in a bait between some streamer weed and the rod went into action after 10 seconds of touching the gravely river bed, once she was in the net, I could tell she was a good fish, a very respectful 10.06.
Current UK PBs - Barbel 15.03, Chub 7.03, Mirror Carp 26.05, Pike 18.10, Perch 2.06
Current Foreign PBs - Catfish 130.00, sturgeon 30.13, Mirror carp 42.00, Common carp 42.01, Black tip reef shark 65.00
Ashley with a Carp
I have also landed numerous species fly fishing which include barbel to 8.04, mirror carp 19.10, chub 5.03, pike 14.02, dace 10oz and  any other smaller tropical species.
So as you can tell, I am an all round angler that uses all styles of fishing to catch fish but I do love catching barbel. I have landed barbel from 15 different rivers with 7 of those including doubles, but I do love catching proper angry sharks and catfish!



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Arrived on time, very good service.

These baits are just what I wanted, thank you for your service.


Excellent service and excellent baits

Wont cast out out with out it

Ever since I started fishing using betalin my catch rate went up I will never cast out with out in I have a 100% confidence in all hinders products but betalin is a game changer I always leave my plastic and zig bits soaking in it I was using it when I had my PB on a zig

Fish’s favourite 🐠

Tried liquidised bread and ground bait - fish not interested.
Threw in a couple of balls of Mark Pollard Canal mix and got a bit straight away. Fish could obviously smell it from a fair distance 🐟

Great pellets I trust in.

Since I’ve been using barbel blitz pellets my catch rate has increased
They are now my go to bait for barbel