February 01, 2019 3 min read

Favourite Venue: Dinton White Swan Lake,

Favourite Species: Carp

Favourite Style/ApproachI rely heavily on locating the fish. As I only fish short sessions (mostly overnighters) I need to be on fish otherwise I would never catch! I have had the most success fishing stiff hinged rigs over a small spread of boilies. To make the most of my time though, I often pop to the lake during lunch breaks or first thing in the morning or last thing at night to keep in touch with the lake and to prime some spots with particles, pellets and boilies. You cannot beat that feeling when you catch off of a spot that you have spent months priming!  

Dan with a Common Carp

Favourite Hinders BaitNut 365 Boilies

Most Memorable Session:  My most memorable session has to be when I caught my current PB, The Hamster from Dinton White Swan. I got to the lake at about 5.30pm after finishing work. I did my usual couple of laps of the lake to see if I can find the fish and clock which areas were being pressured and where was quiet. On my third lap of the lake (about 7.30pm) I heard a big crash in the next swim from where I was standing, I saw the rings that followed and watched the spot  for a while. About 10 minutes later, a very big mirror crashed out on exactly the same spot. So I lined up the spot and went round to the next swim and made a mental not of where it was. I dashed back to the car to get my gear and did the half mile barrow push to the swim. Once in the swim I flicked a lead out to the spot and found it was clear. I then popped a float up on the spot to double check it was bang on from the swim I had previously been stood in and it was. Shortly after I had two rods on the spot and a kilo of Nut365 scattered on and around it. At 1am one of the rods ripped off which resulted in one of the A Team – The Hamster at 39lb 10oz.

  Dan with a Dinton Mirror

PB: Mirror Carp – 39lb 10oz & Common Carp – 36lb 11oz

I am 35 years old, married, father of two girls (one 3 and a half and one 6 months) and I work full time as a Senior Chartered Building Services Engineer and Team Manager. In the past four years my fishing time has dramatically reduced and I have had to try to fit it in around a very busy work and family life. I typically fish one overnighter a week, getting to the lake around 5.30pm and leaving by 6am. I fish the odd weekend day session and once or twice a year fish a whole weekend somewhere. Due to my current circumstances I do what I can to make the most of my time on the bank. I am currently fishing a couple of club waters that are within 3 miles of my home and work which allows me to pop to the lake to watch and bait during lunch breaks, first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Fishing on such limited time is difficult and it would be very easy to hang up the rods for a bit, but I have to have my fishing fix and whilst I have a lot of blank sessions, when it all comes together, the rewards feel amazing!