February 14, 2019 1 min read

Favourite Venue: St Johns on the Linear Complex
Favourite Species: Carp
Favourite Tactics: 3 rods on a spot and give them some food also moving to get on the fish if possible! 
Favourite Hinders Bait: Nut 365 great bait and also had a lot of fish on it during the test period. 
Most memorable moment: is probably a weekend session me and my friend had where we have 50 fish between us on Brasenose 2 including 3-30s and 3 fish over 25lb was really enjoyable to have a social and catch that many fish! 
David with a Common Carp
Common carp- 40lb 02oz 
Mirror carp- 37lb 06oz 
Catfish - 71lb 8oz 
Tench- 11lb 02oz 
French carp 40lb 

David with a Mirror CarpSo I’m down Linear nearly every other weekend on one of the lakes I enjoy the rumble of the place and can most of the time get a fish or two.  However this year I will be fishing the Cotswolds Water Park a lot as I’m moving near there so hopefully start getting some stunners on the bank.



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Haven’t used the baits yet will write a review when used


Very happy with these super size tigers. Many are small but I like all the different shapes and sizes

Elips oil

Hinders Elips and Elips oil are the best I've used. I think the oil gives you an extra edge.

Carp crunch

Best particle mix about

Great stuff

Just as good as the original