February 15, 2019 1 min read

Favourite venue:- Todber or Coking
Favourite species:- Grayling
Style approach :- Fixed rig, blowback, wafter
Favourite Hinders Bait :- Tutti Frutti Betalin Spray
Memorable session :-  Spending my 20th wedding anniversary at Hayward pool, fantastic fishing and time with the Mrs. 
PB :-
Mirror Carp 29lb 2oz
Common Carp 21lb,
Roach 3lb,
Nice chub, dace, eels, grayling, trout brown and rainbow, gudgeon, bream, 
pike during my pleasure fishing days
Lee with a Carp
I started fishing at 12 on the River Stour, enjoying trotting lumps of crust down a fast flow, and waggle fishing, winter fishing spinning dead baiting for pike, summer evening fishing for eels, all summer holidays living on the Bank. Family and teaching my kids to fish. Now fishing every week with the wife Emma Rimmer for carp mainly but enjoy spells with the feeder rods, surface fishing, and again back to the river. 



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A perfect cloud of attraction

This groundbait smells great - add water and it turns to porridge but once its riddled it is so light there is very little for the fish to fill up on but the smell draws the fish in and creates a power packed cloud of tiny particles.

Happy customer

Always a good company to deal with.

Particle order

Fantastic quality baits, fast delivery, will definitely use you from now on

Hinders cloudy hemp

The best hempseed I have ever used !! absolutely perfect product ....

Hinders choc mint

Excellent quality product these little beauties will definately get you a bite or two they did for me !!