February 15, 2019 1 min read

Favourite Venue: Linear Fisheries Guys Syndicate
Favourite Species: Carp / Tench 
Favourite Hinders Bait : Nut 365  or Tiger Nuts
Memorable Session: May 2018 on Unity Lake at Linear Fisheries where I caught 25 carp in 6 days including 39lb mirror and 16 twenty’s.
44lb 11oz The Big Common Gaunts
44lb 1oz Mirror (Seargent) Gaunts 
35lb 14oz Grass Carp unity 
1lb 10oz Rudd
9.06 tench
10.05 bronze bream

Well it all began when I was about eight years old maybe seven with all my mates we went down to Coate Water where I caught my first fish. It just started from there fishing Lawn Woods and Coate.  I then got to fish in South Cerney Angling Club as well as Ashton Keynes Angling club. I cut my teeth fishing for tench and that’s when I got into carp fishing and I joined Horseshoe for a few years then I went on to Lynch Hill. My first trip on Willow I caught my first twenty the lake record at 25lb I was hooked!!

Mark with a Common Carp

I started fishing a little horse shoe and it just progressed from there started fishing on Linear Fisheries Day Tickets and then put my name down for the syndicate which is where I do most of my fishing as I’m retired now , I fish from April until about October since then I have broke my pb common , pb mirror 4 times.

Mark Morgan Grass Carp

I’ve been using Hinders Bait for over 32 years now I first met Bryan 34 years ago when he got me into particles, since then it’s really Hinders baits I’ve been using. No Substitute for Quality.



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I am not one to regularly leave feedback unless I see something as exceptional. I used this for the first time when on a commercial fishery. I had been struggling all day to get a bite. I pulled this from the bait bucket and it was like turning on a switch. The carp were lining up. It converted me in one session and I'll be back for more.

Split bag

As with other customers order turned with split bag ended up over floor wife not happy but that’s nothing new😂 but you need stronger bags bait is very good 👍

Great bait

Great service and top quality bait would definitely recommend

The beta nana dumbells are really good and so attractive with its smell and how it sits in the bottom of the lake bed it’s just waiting to be picked up instantly. I would recommend this bait to more people to get bites in the winter 👍

This stuff is crack for fish

What can I say. Fish love this stuff