Hinders The Big Cheeze Bait Pack

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Hinders The Big Cheeze

It has long been realised that cheese paste is a fantastic winter bait for chub. We have taken this very reliable concept a stage further with the range of our 'The Big Cheeze' products.

Pack Contains:

  • Mini and Midi Dumbells 700g
  • Mini & Midi X Hard Dumbells
  • 300g Paste
  • 125ml Cheeze Concentrate

Our Big Cheeze Paste is a unique blend of various cheese flavours and enhancers. The consistency is such that it can be moulded directly round the hook, used as a boilie wrap or even in conjunction with a cork ball to fine tune rigs. The paste gradually breaks down releasing a flavour trail to pull in chub and entice them to feed on this unique recipe.

The Big Cheeze is also available in two sizes of Dumbell Boilies. These are perfect for hair rigging or even banding directly to the hook where chub become finicky. The consistency of the dumbell is such that they can be easily 'crumbed' and used effectively with either an open end or cage feeder. This allows for small particles to continually be released to draw in the chub!

To complete the range we have also introduced a flavour enhancing glug. This really comes into its own in coloured and very low water temperatures where the flavour trail released will stimulated those big chub to feed. Like all the other baits available in this range the glug contains real cheese. 

We are confident that these baits will dramatically increase your catch rate with our unique take on a very traditional and well loved catcher of chub. 

  • Mini or Midi Dumbells 700g Pouch
  • Mini Dumbells - Size 11mm x 15mm (approx)
  • Midi Dumbells - Size 12mm x 20mm (approx)
  • Mini or Midi X Hard Dumbell Hookbaits 90g 
  • Readymade Paste 150g or 300g
  • Glug 125ml

Winter Barbel and Chub on Cheese Paste for Harry

Cheese Paste bags a big Winter Chub for John McGough

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joshua Vetere (Leicester)
Hinders big cheeze

Very good the glug helped give an extra flavour very stinky but highly recommend

Mark Jones (Birmingham)

Excellent product.

Paul D (Macclesfield)
Big Cheeze bumper pack

Great bait and great service

Mark Widdowfield (Lausanne)

Brilliant spot on delivery

David Barbanel (Borehamwood)
Looks good

Not used yet but looking forward to use on the Wye for those Barbel and chub . Arrived quickly and well