Tutti Frutti 10kg Bait Bundle

Boilie Size
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Catch more carp with our awesome Tutti Frutti Bait Bundle. The bundle includes:

  • 10kg 12mm or 15mm Stabilised Tutti Boilies
  • Choose one of either 12mm, 15mm Pop Ups or Dumbell Wafters
  • Tutti Frutti Glug 1 Litre

We've taken our well established Tutti Recipe and made it even better!! The proven attractor recipe has now been intensified with a blend of sweetening agents to produce a nicer, less chemically taste boilie. We know all carp like a bit of sweetness in their diet. The other bonus is that the sweetening agents have a synergistic effect with the Tutti Flavour meaning it becomes even more attractive to the fish!! Faster release of the flavour complex into the water column is enhanced with a softer bait, also making mechanical digestion much easier, in so many words they will want to eat more, quicker.

Stabilised Boilies - More Bites, More Fish, More Often

Stabilised boilies have the same nutritional profile as frozen bait, but don't require freezing. They're also softer than traditional readymade boilies, which allows water to penetrate them more quickly - making them more attractive to fish and therefore more productive when you want bites more quickly. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Peter Brewer (Jersey)
First class

I've been using Hinders Baits for years and the tutti frutti is such an attraction to the carp with the dumbell wafters being the only hook bait I use due to continued success. Hinders customer service is second to non! Thank you all

Colin (Lowestoft)

Cannot go wrong with this bait catch all the time