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CC Moore Response Spice 1 Litre

  • CC Moore Response Spice is a  rich, spicy bait booster will add a powerful bite and deep savoury aroma to any bait it's applied to. Containing pure spices, spice esters, amino acid rich and natural sugars, this liquid complements any sweet savoury or Robin Red based baits.
    • Produced using a nutrient-rich base
    • Containing soluble proteins, fast-fermenting sugars
    • Free amino acids and powerful feeding triggers
    • Making them extremely effective in all water temperatures
    • Highly attractive concentrated natural extracts
    • Meaning they will quickly and effectively soak into baits
    • Giving them an intense flavour, aroma and nutrient boost
    • Creates an instant and prolonged feeding response
    • You will be loading them with additional year round fish
    • No maximum limit to the inclusion level of any Response+ Bait Booster
    • The more you use, the more attractive your bait will be
    • The longer you leave your baits the stronger the attraction
    • The longer it will go on working in your swim
    • Recommend adding 50-60ml/kg
    • Extremely effective as a boilie mix liquid additive
    • A booster for P.V.A bag and P.V.A. stick mixes

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    0-100g (Royal Mail) £2.50
    101g-1000g (Royal Mail) £3.85
    1000g - 20kg £6.00
    20.1kg - 40kg £6.00
    40.1kg - 60kg £6.00
    60.1kg - 80kg £6.00
    80.1kg - 100kg £6.00
    Oversize Parcel £7.50


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    0-2kg £6.00
    2.1kg - 20kg £7.50
    20.1kg - 40kg £12.50
    40.1kg - 60kg £17.00
    60.1kg - 80kg £21.00
    80.1kg - 100kg £24.00

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