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Drennan Revolution Catapult

  • Drennan Revolution Tangle-Free Catapults are available in either Green (Strong) or Orange (X Strong) and feature a new design of pouch and frame, with super-slick rotation bearings.  Rigorous feeding methods such as pellet waggler fishing have meant Drennan have had to produce a catapult that is extremely tough and durable. The handle is ergonomically correct, fitting the hand perfectly, and the best way to reduce elastic wear at the frame end is to have a straight attachment peg, protruding  ‘in the line of pull’. Similarly, the pouches are designed with constant feeding of baits like hard pellets in mind. They are produced under strict moulding conditions from a super-tough polymer. Rotation bearings and special cluster feed pouches help to maintain a tight spread of bait.

    Green Revolution Catapult – A larger frame size with Strong latex. Perfect for pellet waggler and standard float work with maggots and casters, right up to 8mm and 10mm pellets. This is also a great model for firing small pigeon-egg size balls of groundbait.

    Orange Revolution Catapult – Large frame with orange X-Strong latex. The more powerful elastic makes it ideal for 8mm and 10mm pellets at range or in windy conditions. It is also a great catapult for pouching maggots and casters as far as possible. Like the green Revolution Caty, it is also useful for firing out small balls of groundbait.

    • Repair Kit Available

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