Hinders Fruit Salad Hookbaits


Hinders Fruit Salad Hookbaits - Our new high-attract hookbait range has been completely revamped and we believe this unique blend of flavours is set to be a real winner. This classic pineapple and raspberry sweet flavour has added Betalin our number one hookbait attractor making them irresistible to all carp and specimen fish.

  • Very buoyant pop ups - will hold a 'Ronnie Rig' for over 48 hours
  • Wafters ideal for use with supple braided hair rig
  • Classic sweet flavours 
  • Increased flavour levels for longer attraction 
  • Incorporating Betalin our number one hookbait attractor
  • Needle friendly
  • Available in 12mm Pop Up, 15mm Pop, Dumbell Wafter and Booster Spray 50ml
  • 50g

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Wayne Elsender (Huddersfield)
Hinders Fruit Salad dumbbells did me a right session

Did a 24 hour session over the weekend and I’d posted a review after the first bite but it turns out that was just the start. I ended the session with 5 fish to just shy of 21 lb and 4 of them fell to Hinders Fruit Salad dumbbells, there was nowhere near the same interest in my other baits.

Paul Gahan (Camberwell)
Front salad pop-ups

Fishing a old East London dock caught 1 carp in 9 months,switched to Hinders Fruit Salad pop-ups caught 2 carp in 9 hrs fishing

Eileen Cuffe (Falmouth)

Good product

Lee rimmer (Shaftesbury)
Fruit salad wafters

I really cannot recommend the fruit salad wafters enough, I've had great success and great confidence in this product

Mark Wells (Swindon)
Top of the high-attract charts

If you are searching for a high-attract bait these are my go to bait - they leak attraction and in bright yellow you just can't go wrong