Hinders XO Carp Pop Ups & Wafters

  • Hinders XO Carp Hookbaits are available in either pop up or wafter. Designed by bait guru Dr Keith Sykes these baits contain extract that carp just love, blended with a mixture of Essential Oils and the infamously devastating Betalin as well as a few of Keith's secret ingredients. This attractor package will catch in all conditions whether you fish in weed, over silt, hot days or in the depths of winter you can put your faith in XO Carp's drawing power.

    The dual colour of pastille pink and dull white gives the angler the best of both worlds.

    • 12mm or 15mm Pop Up
    • Dumbell Wafter
    • Booster Spray



    (Within 4 Working Days)*

    0-100g (Royal Mail) £2.50
    101g-1000g (Royal Mail) £3.85
    1000g - 20kg £6.00
    20.1kg - 40kg £6.00
    40.1kg - 60kg £6.00
    60.1kg - 80kg £6.00
    80.1kg - 100kg £6.00
    Oversize Parcel £7.50


    (Order before 2pm Mon-Thurs)*

    0-2kg £6.00
    2.1kg - 20kg £7.50
    20.1kg - 40kg £12.50
    40.1kg - 60kg £17.00
    60.1kg - 80kg £21.00
    80.1kg - 100kg £24.00

    More information please check Delivery & Return

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Top service

With my experience with my order was top service and quality that always you’d expect and always happy to help with any questions you have and a swiftly delivery service to match

Hinders XO pop ups

Only had chance to use the once, but seemed ok 👍


These have become one of my main go to hookbaits, they smell so good I just want to eat them!😂
The buoyancy is also great and even in the rare event they don’t get a bite they still smell good 24hrs later.

eXtra attractiOn Hookbaits

If you are looking for a hookbait for instant action from Carp these are the ones. I've lost count of the Carp I've had within 10 minutes of casting into the pond. The two tone colour offers something a bit different to the normal hookbaits offered by anglers. Smell leaks off instantly and still smells sweet after many many hours. Adding the matching bait spray also stops any adverse affect from fishing over silt or choddy lake beds. Definately one of my go to baits.

Top pop ups

I love these XO Carp pop ups and have had some great captures on them. The 2 tone effect gives the Carp something visually different to contend with to the standard single colours. Add to this a great flavour, and it's an absolute winner. I also like to use Betalin and Sweet Almond bait spray on them to give them even more of an edge before cating out and it works a treat👌



Customer reviews

2950 reviews
Poor Quality

I had NO reply to my email asking about the quality of this product but foolishly purchased 2.25kg of Whole Maize.
Soaked for 3days boiled for 3 hours, still as hard as rock. Probably very, very, very oldIt may be possible to use as a particle ground bait (I wouldn't give this to my fish)
But totally useless as a Hook bait.
I'll stick to Tesco in future.

Little jems 2.3 mm pellet

Top quality pellet, quite possibly the best on the market 👌

great pellet

they’re a great pellet, caught first cast with them. only improvement would be to have them available as pre drilled

Game Changer!

i was having to crumb down betenana boilies with a korda crusher before the crumb came out, when the crumb came out i instantly had to purchase some, this is a 100% a game changer, i often add crumb to the mini gemz pellet in a solid bag, in order to give the hook point some protection and to help compact the bag down! first time using this i was full with confidence and managed to bag this 31lb common! it also good to add to whole betenana boilies that have been glugged to help create a crust that breaks down on the boilies when they enter the water!

Perfect For Solid Bags!

These Pellets are mega, they smell awesome and carp love them! They are a perfect combo for solid bags as they really do compact down nice and tight, making a solid bag easy to cast at distance, they have awesome break down times so if your looking for a pellet for winter this is a sure winner! i have had several Carp off these pellets including this 31lb common! if you haven't all ready tried them i highly recommend you do!