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Korda Singlez 3 Rod Buzz Bar 11.5''

  • Korda Singlez Three Rod Buzz Bars are unlike most traditional buzz bars they don’t offer any adjustability in width. This is because the Korda team found that all adjustable buzz bars gave a slight wobble and weren’t quite as sturdy as they would have liked them to be. It was also almost impossible to get the set up even, too.

    The  11.5 inches is ideal for when you want a slightly bigger spread over the water. You can mix and match these sizes however you like, to suit your needs on the bank. The Korda Singlez Three Rod Buzz Bar is completely compatible with the rest of the products in the Singlez range and, since the quality will last you a lifetime, you can add to your collection as and when you need.

    • 3 Rod
    • 11.5''

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    1000g - 20kg £6.00
    20.1kg - 40kg £6.00
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    60.1kg - 80kg £6.00
    80.1kg - 100kg £6.00
    Oversize Parcel £7.50


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    0-2kg £6.00
    2.1kg - 20kg £7.50
    20.1kg - 40kg £12.50
    40.1kg - 60kg £17.00
    60.1kg - 80kg £21.00
    80.1kg - 100kg £24.00

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