January 31, 2019 1 min read

Name: Steve Quinlivan
Favourite venue: Flaxlands Fishery
Favourite species: Common Carp
Favourite Style/approach: Pellet Feeder, filled with Tutti Expander mix cast to the edge of an island, with constant catapulting pellets over the top
Most memorable session - 110 carp landed on the bank in just over 8hrs @ Flaxlands. Accurate casting and feeding and all those fish on the bank made for the best session of my life. 
List of PB’s - 18lb 12oz mirror from Ivy House Lakes
16lb common from Flaxlands
4lb Chub from Flaxlands
110 carp landed in a single day session 

About me -
I am a father of 3 young girls (I’ll get at least one of them into fishing one day!) and have been fishing for the past 25 years on and off.  I first started with a rod, float and hook, then moved more into carp fishing with some success, however, it has been the last year or so where I have had most of my success. I have moved to match style fishing methods, and with a “small” amount of direction, have managed to find out I’m not half bad. Recently I have managed some epic sessions, and totalled over 1100 carp on the bank my last season. 
Steve in Action

I usually fish the up to one of the islands on the large lake at my favourite venue, Flaxlands Fishery, about once a week or more if family life allows it. 



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I am not one to regularly leave feedback unless I see something as exceptional. I used this for the first time when on a commercial fishery. I had been struggling all day to get a bite. I pulled this from the bait bucket and it was like turning on a switch. The carp were lining up. It converted me in one session and I'll be back for more.

Split bag

As with other customers order turned with split bag ended up over floor wife not happy but that’s nothing new😂 but you need stronger bags bait is very good 👍

Great bait

Great service and top quality bait would definitely recommend

The beta nana dumbells are really good and so attractive with its smell and how it sits in the bottom of the lake bed it’s just waiting to be picked up instantly. I would recommend this bait to more people to get bites in the winter 👍

This stuff is crack for fish

What can I say. Fish love this stuff