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C Food Plum Dumbell Wafters
Michael Adderley (Dudley)
Cfood plum hookbaits

added them to my range of hookbaits ,will use them in solid bags , with other c food ingredients , looking forward to a good season next year

Betalin & Sweetcorn Hookbaits
David Tombs (Bury St Edmunds)
Great service

Great products and fantastic customer service

C Food Plum Dumbell Wafters
Robert Tomlin (Birmingham)
C food wafters

Brilliant bait will always catch fish.

Betalin & Sweetcorn Hookbaits

Betalin & Sweetcorn Hookbaits
Michael Adderley (Dudley)
Betalin /sweetcorn hook baits

Given a 4star rating as not used them as yet but I have confidence in the quality and sure thay will entice a few fish at a later date ,

Prepared Particle Jars 3.5 Litre
Robert Edmunds (Maidstone)
Add to bait

I add hemp seed to my bread ground bait. It has proved to be very good when fishing punched bread or corn on the pole.
Skimmers, F1s and carp seem to enjoy it.
The company seem most helpful and the guys on Hinders Facebook page are great.

Looked great! Smelt great! …

…Unfortunately I left them on the roof of my car and drove off forgetting about them! 🤦‍♂️

C Food Plum Dumbell Wafters
Ian Hastings (Horley)
Exciting New Bait

Have not been able to get out on the bank lately but I used to use the Mystic Plum untill it was withdrawn and have now moved on to C-Food. Had success with both baits and this new combo, with free liquid in the tub, seems like the perfect combination for me.

Hinders Hemp Oil
Jamie Seamark (North Walsham)
Hemp oil

Love this product for cold water solid bag fishing.

Hemp and Maize

Awesome bait kept in water after 1 session for a week and not as much as one spec of the hemp started to float quality is amazing thank you and had a banger out of oxlease with a few spombs over a 4ft fixed zig

Hinders Chilli Hemp Oil
Lee Warren (East Dulwich)
Hemp oil

Lovley stuff . quality

C Food Barbel Bait Pack
David Wiltshire (Stanmore)

My order arrived a couple of days after ordering. Fished with them last week. Caught my first river barbel 3-4 lb.

Nut 365 Glug
Ian Young (Bristol)
Nut 365 glug

I love the smell and hope the carp do to

Looks ok , but haven’t had a chance to use yet

Hinders Elips Pellets
George Insall

I’ve been using elips pellets for over 20 years, still the best bait for catching big barbel. Hinders great company to deal with always super fast delivery.

Hinders Tutti Frutti Stabilised Boilies
Roger Crossfield (Norwich)
Tutti Frutti 12ml boilies.

Only used them once since the water temperatures dropped. Experience has taught me that once this happens the Tutti Fruitti usually outfishes anything else.
Went to a small local water with a good stock of small carp and was not disappointed catching 5 carp on the Tuttis and nothing on a well known bait that had
served me well all summer, all in a short three hour visit. Always a good back up bait when everything else fails.

Hinders Betalin & Sweetcorn
Martin (Camberley)
Great company

Great company quick delivery well recommended will definitely be using them again

Hinders Chinese Hemp
Brian Foster (Paignton)
Chinese hemp

Excellent product and service.

Hinders Booster Liquids
Michael Adderley (Dudley)
Booster liquids

I purchased the full range to match the boosted barrels and wafters ,popups , and intend on using them in my favourite method of solid bags , with confidence in quality of hinders baits

Betalin & Sweetcorn Booster Liquid
Michael Adderley (Dudley)
Booster liquid

Added attraction to every solid bag , and coating hookbaits in a smaller pot , pungent smell and good consistency, that's why I bought 2 bottles ,

Hinders Betalin
Chris Jones (Stockton-on-Tees)

Good and fast delivery

Hinders Tutti Frutti Stabilised Boilies
John Pogmore (Biggleswade)
Personal Best Common

After achieving a personal best mirror carp over 39lbs, I enjoyed a run of big commons including fish weighing 30lbs 10oz, 35lbs, 33lbs and then 39lbs 10oz, another personal best. All the fish fell to single bottom baits fished together with a small number of freebies. At least two of these fish picked up my baits within minutes of casting out.

Betalin & Sweetcorn 5kg Bait Bundle
Ian Carroll (Coventry)

Haven't used the products as yet-But with know doubt it will be as good as everything Hinders do-Used the aniseed punched bread that I bought on my local canal with friends ..whilst everyone caught in a knock up...I had by far the better stamp of roach to 12oz...enough said!!If you want quality bait and service-Hinders is my choice

Hinders Betalin & Sweetcorn
Andrew Mott (Spalding)

Does exactly what it says on the bottle , superb stuff

Love them