Hinders Elips Pellets


Hinders Elips Pellets are the "Rolls Royce" of pellets!  They've been dominating the barbel scene for almost 20 years.  Used by the very top anglers, we don't know of a barbel yet that has turned it’s nose up at them.  Whatever river you're fishing don't leave home without Elips Pellets.

  • Cylindrical shape - original recipe
  • Small (approx 4mm), Medium (approx 6mm) or Large (approx 10mm)
  • Drill or glue for a great hookbait
  • Used by Trefor West, Dean Macey and many others

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 275 reviews
    Steven Fullwood (Wolverhampton)
    Best barbel bait

    After fishing for 50 years I came across hinders baits, now we all no our rivers are in decline for one reason or another and the barbel are just getting harder to catch, well last summer it was like turning back the years ,I decided to fish just hinders baits and see what happens,well I wasn't disappointed one bit!! Multiple catches on each occasion and they loved it,
    Hinders barbel bomb feeder mix with elips pellets added is the best attractor I've used , using banded hairs and fishing barbel bomb dumbbells wrapped in barbel bomb paste was too tempting ,
    100% recommend hinders barbel bomb and elips pellets,

    Dominic Russell
    Ellips Pellets

    The elips pellet range is an excellent quality and consistent bait. Incredibly uniform size and weight makes feeding by catapult extremely accurate, fitting in well with allot of the fishing I do. The quick sink rate makes these pellets perfect for creating a bed of bait in the faster flowing streams I regularly target for Chub and Barbel. Top quality bait from a company that provides an unrivalled service. Highly recommended.

    Wayne Peck (Croydon)

    Great company, great products, first class service

    Geoff Sykes (Camberwell)
    Elips Pellets

    My go to pellets for all my barbel fishing. The barbel love them although I admit to preferring the old shape for gluing on a hair. The fish don’t seem to mind though! A brilliant bait.

    Stephen Brewer (Evesham)
    elips pellets

    been using elips for years since recommended by Trevor west. Still as good as ever.