Hinders Mini Combo


Hinders Mini Combo - Want versatility? You'll love this mix!  The selection of mini pellets all smaller than 3mm add the ultimate touch of textural and visual attraction to the mix. Use it in practically every angling situation and watch the fish’s confidence grow as they 'grub' around in the fine pellets.  Mini Combo includes these KEY ingredients

  • Salmon Fry Crumb with it's strong smelling allure and 'nobbly' texture
  • Mini 1.5mm Pellets
  • Potent 2mm Red Fishmeal Pellets
  • 2.3mm Little Gemz
  • 3mm pellets

With all these things working for you it's easy to see how the fish become fully occupied with Mini Combo and are more likely to pick up your bait.   It works well in a PVA Bag (don’t worry it won’t fall through the mesh!) or why not try adding a small quantity to a spod or particle mix. This pellet combination takes the guesswork out of making your own mix - we don't go fishing without it!!!!.

★ Customer Review

Would use this on any lake keeps the carp grubbing around


Customer Reviews

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Tim Paisley (London)
Hinders’ Service

I have used Hinders’ products for as long as I can remember and the quality of the goods and the service is as excellent as it has always been.

Awesome pellets for PVA

These are great fillers for PVA sticks and bags and certainly helped us catch loads of carp up to 63lb 2oz!

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A. (Swindon)

A product I use year round and have done for many years, I believe this combination really does make a difference and I've complete confidence it!

Give it a try!

Dean saunders (Northampton)
Not all pellets are made equal

I brought these pellets to try out a new pellet combination, I was buying a standard pellet for my PVA bags. Firstly the noticeable multiple different pellets add a visual edge to the broken down bag, then noticing that all the the pellets were under 3mm. This made it very easy to make the PVA bags tight and very easy to cast. Not only the above the attractions in the different pellets made it very easy to feel confident in my traps. The small 900g bags are perfect for keeping the rucksack lighter and also pouring the pellets into a PVA bag so easy.
I used these pellets with a 10ml yellow after home made!
These pellets will always be in my bait bag. You must try these!!

Martyn Davies (South Cerney)

The BEST solid bag mix you will ever need! Look no further!