Hinders Hemp Oil


Hinders Pure Hemp Oil is 100% pure filtered oil from crushed hemp seed. There is no doubt that Hemp Oil has consistently helped to improve the catch rate of staff and field testers alike.

Use it as a glug for your favourite baits or as an extra special addition to your groundbait. You're on to a winner with this totally natural PVA friendly liquid.

28th Jun 2016 (customer review)

"Perfect over pellets and works well in particles and stick mixes. Also good over boilies as a booster."

  • 250ml or 1 litre
  • PVA Friendly

    Customer Reviews

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    Michael Adderley (Rowley Regis)
    Hemp oil

    Not opened container yet but I have full confidence in the quality as it's from HINDERS, I will use it when the water temperatures rise ,

    Jamie Seamark (North Walsham)
    Hemp oil

    Love this product for cold water solid bag fishing.

    ben brown (City of Westminster)
    Hemp oil

    Leave a nice slick and pulls fish had a very good response when used it

    Nobby Clarke (Buntingford)
    Hemp edge ….

    I have used hemp oil for many years , I’ve now moved up and use Hinders Hemp Oil , been out twice since buying it I added just a touch to my Hinders Chinese feed hemp , it gave the hemp just a edge, pinging out my customary 4 grains of hemp for 30 minutes before starting to fish making fish compete , I caught several good roach , smallest that session was 8oz the best of a 17 fish roach catch was just over 15 oz , just under 1lb several were close to that mark , I do put it down to quality baits and now I’m using hinders hemp oil it’s adding a lovely bit of added attraction it left a ring oil which floated through my swim , if you guys haven’t purchased Hinders Hemp Oil , treat yourself and buy a bottle , I’m a roach angler so can only speak of my side of fishing , I honestly think it compliments Hinders Chinese hemp ….

    Robin Darby (Portsmouth)

    Hinders Hemp Oil