Hinders BETALIN® B Powdered Extract


HINDERS BETALIN® B: The Sweetest Edge

While our taste awareness is vastly different from that of carp—a bland taste sensation for us is registered through palatial nerve/logic association, carp don't say to themselves, "I don't like that bait, it's bland, blah, blah, blah." Enhancers, however, play a crucial role in the world of bait. Dr. Keith, our bait scientist, first utilized this product back in the '70s and continued selling it well into the '90s until the supply dried up.

Fortunately for us, it's available again, and just as potent as ever. Many veteran anglers will take one sniff and instantly recognize its distinctive aroma!

This product is irresistible to anything that swims—they're bound to want a taste.

BETALIN B is rated as one of the top all-time great bait additives. This ultimate powder extract is easy to incorporate into anything from boilies to groundbaits. Made from a mix of esters of lactic acid, fatty acids, vanillin, sweeteners, and lactones, it stands out as an exceptional additive.

Versatile and Effective:

  • Add to: Hook baits, ground baits, boilies, pellets, spod mixes, particles, and more.
  • Ultimate Powder Extract: Free-flowing for easy use.
  • Net Weight: 60g.
  • Water Soluble: Ensures excellent dispersion in water.
  • Versatile: Works well with a wide range of baits.

Perfect for milky, sweet baits but versatile enough for any mix, BETALIN B's awesome taste profile has been harnessed to enhance our new nut bait and additives. 

Enhance your fishing performance with BETALIN® B—the sweetest edge.

Customer Reviews

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Damian Green (Milton Keynes)
Betalin B

Hinders Betalin B powder is a must have in bait powders which is a very high intense additive that can be used for a large range of uses. You can add it to your hook baits or your groundbaits and it also works very well when used with liquid combinations. Betalin B has been around since the 1970s this show how it has stood the test of time and still being used to this day. The smell is very intense, any fish that swims will want to taste it. Personally my self I use it for most of my fishing especially adding it to the Hinders Supercharged Extra Fine Canal Mix or the Supercharged Natural Black Groundbait as Betalin B really does compliment sweet baits and also works great on sweet corn, meat and pellets but as I said before the uses are endless. I have been using the Supercharged Sweet Groundbait which Hinders developed with the Betalin B within the mix and I use this on canals drains, rivers and commercials and it no just shows me the versatility of the product.