Hinders Barbel Bomb Feeder Mix


Hinders Barbel Bomb Feeder Mix. This irresistible, rich, and dark feeder mix is the ultimate bait for Barbel enthusiasts, featuring generous helpings of Small Pellets that these fish can't resist.

Get ready for some serious action as Barbel will enthusiastically dig in to devour these delectable pellets, making this feeder mix a surefire way to reel in your catch of the day! Whether you prefer fishing with method or open ended feeders, Hinders Barbel Bomb Feeder Mix is the perfect choice.

And as if that wasn't enough, this premium mix also includes the Rolls Royce of pellets - Elips - for an even more enticing and irresistible bait. And for those who really want to up their game, why not add some Barbel Bomb Concentrate for added attraction?

Get ready to experience the thrill of the catch like never before with Hinders Barbel Bomb Feeder Mix - your secret weapon for angling success!

  • Ideal for fishing method or open ended feeders.
  • Includes Elips - the 'Rolls Royce' of pellets.
  • Why not add some Barbel Bomb Concentrate for added attraction 

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews

Exactly what it says it does good quality ground bait

Beejay Bartley (London)
Barbel Bomb Feeder mix

Arrived swiftly and caught me a few fish, Good stuff!

Shaun Doughty (Kidderminster)
Barbel Bomb

Always have Barbel Bomb for my river sessions can’t beat it I think,great value for money and delivery is always spot on,frozen hemp is also bang on great company.

Pat Dower (Holmfirth)
Fresh and effective

Mixes nicely without becoming stodgy. Clears from the feeder at about the right rate as particles rather than clumps. My catches have been good so the barbel seem to like it. I end up with stained hands but that is no issue if one is catching!

Kyle (Warwick)
Best feeder mix to date! 15lb 3 Barbel beaut

After struggling for weeks with no luck on the Avon & Severn, I made the switch to Hinders barbel bomb range using the bomb mix on cage feeder. Absolutely fantastic results, and finally hit my PB at 15lb 3 with this feeder mix & barbel bomb chunks, as well as a 6lb+ chub a few nights before. Easy to mix and work with, and probably the most pleasant smelling feeder mix! Will use this bait again& again, and stock up given the value for money on results. Highly recommend!