Hinders Betalin & Sweet Almond


Betalin® and Sweet Almond - All the amazing concentrated natural sweetness of Betalin with the unmistakable aroma of sweet almond.

  • Intensely sweet - no bitter aftertaste
  • Transforms any hookbait
  • Fantastic with Tiger Nuts and Maize
  • Great dip for plastic baits  
  • Can’t be overloaded - leave hookbaits soaking for months!
  • TOP TIP Use 3- 5ml per kilo for particles and 1-2ml per six eggs for boilie mixes


Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Robby Harrison (Liverpool)

First time I’ve ever flavoured tigers.. used the almond betalin followed the advice of 3 ml in an overnight soak and 3 ml after boiling.. fished along side of one rod on boilies the other on tigers.. had one fish on boilies and five takes on tigers.. got bit off on one take so they were really on the tigers .. small mesh bags of tigers that had been very lightly glugged in the almond betalin hence could be used in a PVA bag .. bit of food for thought for winter fishing here definitely will try it out small mesh bag with boosted tigers.. who uses that you just never know at scratching times

Charles Everhard-Bakker (Letchworth Garden City)

Great additive as are a few of there's, had one of my best ever catch results using it.

Michael Daley (Sheffield)
Top buy

Must for adding that extra touch

Mark Wells (Gloucester)
It's Al-Sweet

In my opinion one of the best flavours on Commercials this is my go to flavour along with the Tutti Frutti.

John belloni
Liquid gold

I've been using Betalin for years no need to buy any other dips it the best, this xmas my wife said buy me a little expensive bottle of amazing smelly stuff wonder if she would love a bottle of Betalin well maybe I'm pushing my luck 😜