January 02, 2020 2 min read

I’d been unable to go fishing for 5 weeks due to work demands but I finally got out on Dec 28th.

I went to meet up and fish with a mate on the middle Trent on our clubs water, a very hard stretch but we take the blanks knowing it’s potential. I arrived as It was going dark about 4:30pm with a view of fishing through to the morning.

I quickly baited up a number hooklengths with a test bait dumbell to get me though the night, I went upstream to the next peg to put a handful of Small Elips Pellets in that I was hoping would settle around my chosen peg below.

The peg had a bit of slack water in front of me being protected by a tree partly hanging in the water which would help stop build up of debris on the line.

I fished slightly upstream in the flow just beyond the crease in about 8ft of water.

The night was very quiet with the only action being me recasting around 3-4hrs apart.

At 7:45am as I was beginning to pack up my alarm bleeped twice, fishing slightly upstream something had dislodged the feeder, I quickly lifted into which immediately started shaking its head, my initial thought was it was a chub but then it decided it was going to take line and get well into the main flow, definitely a barbel.

The fish stayed deep throughout the fight often a sign of a big barbel taking line several times eventually I started to get some control and managed to get the fish up and after hitting the surface it thankfully went straight into my net at the first time of asking.

I gave the fish a good rest before and after weighing and photographing.

The fishery came good with a wonderful 16lb 10oz belated Christmas present!




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I am not one to regularly leave feedback unless I see something as exceptional. I used this for the first time when on a commercial fishery. I had been struggling all day to get a bite. I pulled this from the bait bucket and it was like turning on a switch. The carp were lining up. It converted me in one session and I'll be back for more.

Split bag

As with other customers order turned with split bag ended up over floor wife not happy but that’s nothing new😂 but you need stronger bags bait is very good 👍

Great bait

Great service and top quality bait would definitely recommend

The beta nana dumbells are really good and so attractive with its smell and how it sits in the bottom of the lake bed it’s just waiting to be picked up instantly. I would recommend this bait to more people to get bites in the winter 👍

This stuff is crack for fish

What can I say. Fish love this stuff