November 19, 2018 3 min read

Managed to fish 3 matches this week, been a tad frustrating to say the least!

First up was the Wednesday open at Carpvale on all 3 lakes. Rover draw for this match and I've picked one of my favourite pegs, 49 on match lake.  Had a really enjoyable match catching carp between 2lb and 3lb down the central track, starting at 6m and following them along the peg to 16m as they backed off. Had a good last hour down the margins catching 6 4lb carp. Caught all my fish on 6mm Tutti Frutti Boosted Pellets feeding Hinders 6mm Pellets with a dash of the Tutti Booster Liquid. I've ended up winning the match with 103lb with 70lb coming 2nd! 

Saturday I've had a rare trip to Woodlands thirsk for the open on partridge, skylark and curlew lakes. Drew peg 23 on skylark which I was fairly happy with as the carp shoal up at that end of the lake in winter, the locals didn't share my optimism as the area has been poor in recent matches! It's been a very hard match to say the least.  Been a case of feeding minimal bait and patiently waiting for bites.  I've caught 3 carp at 7m, 4 at 16m on a few different areas and had 1 ''stockie'' down the margins late on. All lines were fed with fishery 6mm pellets with a dash of the tutti boost liquid,  alternating  between tutti or almond boost pellets on the hook. I've made a few mistakes regarding feeding and fishing too lighter lines for the size of fish. As a result I've lost 7 carp throughout the day which I knew would be costly on a hard match. And so it proved as I've ended up 4th with 66lb, 3rd had 67lb, 2nd had 70lb and the match was won with 93lb. Definitely could of won the match had I been more in tune with the venue,  managed to win the section money so not all bad.
Carpvale Carp

Last up on Sunday it was round 2 of the winter league at Carpvale on all 3 lakes. Was hoping to draw on match lake as it's been fishing better than the other lakes the last couple of weeks. Was a bit disappointed to draw peg 54 on front lake. The peg can be very hit and miss, it's also in a section with some very good pegs so I wasn't very hopeful of good points for the league! All the heavy rain over the last few days has definitely had an effect on the fish as the lakes fished really hard. I've just picked the odd carp off different lines all over the peg, never had a real run of fish off anyone line. Had a couple at 16m down both margins,  a couple at 8m , a couple at 16m in open water and 10 up to the island reeds at 16m. All lines have been fed with 2 or 3 6mm hinders pellets with a dash of the tutti boost liquid at a time, alternating between 6mm tutti frutti boosted pellet or just a standard hinders  pellet on the hook.  The match has been won with 103lb off match lake, 2nd had 66lb 13oz, 3rd had 66lb 7oz and I've ended up 4th  overall with 66lb 6oz! Bit frustrating not to come 2nd overall, on the plus side I've won my lake and section so good points for the league.