November 29, 2018 2 min read

Fished Round 4 of the Winter League at Carpvale Fisheries on Sunday on all 3 lakes. Cyprio has been fishing very poor lately so hoped not to draw on there. Drew peg 64 on front lake, happy enough with that peg as plenty of options. Well it's been a tad slow to say the least! First hour and 40 mins have flown by without any indication on anything! Tried short at 8m, 14&16m in open water, 13m up to the island and long down my left hand margin, just couldn't get a sign anywhere. By this point everyone on the lake had at least 1 carp, peg 58 had 5 so it was time to pull my finger out and have a rethink .

I fed a skimmer line in open water to try and put something in the net. While this settled I've put on a really light rig ( 0.14 power micron mainline, 0.12 hook length with a 4x10 roob) to see if I could tempt a carp. It's worked a treat as I've caught 4 carp up against the island, 2 at 16m down the right hand margin and 2 under the next platform before the end of the match. School boy error really, knew I should of fished light from the start of the match, was reluctant due to the size of carp in front lake though. Tried my skimmer line a few times and not had a sign!

Peg 58 has ended up winning the match and section with 50lb, I've come 2nd in section and match with 39lb! Tough days sport but not a complete disaster league wise, still at the top of the table with a long long way to go! Caught all my fish on either a Tutti or White Plum Boosted Pellet, feeding Hinders 6mm Carp Pellets.