December 09, 2018 1 min read

Harry fished the Decoy open today on the beastie, he drew peg 24 which was quite fancied with it getting properly cold now. He had the first twenty minutes on the method across but not a single liner so he quickly moved to the long pole line at 14m feeding 4.5mm Carp Pellet in conjunction with Pollys Eazy Expanders. Had a good hour catching F1’s steadily on this before he got swarmed with micro skimmers.

Harry with the results from his Cold Winter Match Fishing

He had seen the odd fish topping towards peg 25 so he chucked a small PVA bag and have caught F1’s steadily for most of the match on this. With an 20 minutes to go he had a look down his right hand margin where at about 4ft and had three carp a barbel and a few more F1’s fishing dead reds and micro pellets.

He finished the match with 68lbs 14oz for 2nd overall. A great result for fishing in very cold weather.