January 26, 2018 2 min read

Winter Barbel Fishing - Winter Barbel Baits

Fishing time has been so scarce of late what with family issues and work commitments and when I have been able to get out the conditions have taken a turn for the worse.

Having not fished for over 2 weeks I was keeping an eye on the weather as I had 2 days off that seemed to be on a collision course with perfect barbel conditions. As the days approached I could see that I was in luck and planned my afternoon/evening fishing on a stretch of the Hampshire Avon that has been kind to me in the past at this time of year.
I got to the river at midday to be faced with what I call perfect conditions, rising and overflowing the banks in places and the colour of milky tea. The water temperature was well on the rise too at 48.5 F from the low 40's a few days earlier. 
Fishing Winter Barbel Baits is not easy so I decided to choose a Mini Blitz Dumbell wrapped in matching paste with a bag of broken boilies attached. I had been fishing for 6 hours and was an hour into dark as per the norm on this stretch when the reel screamed off. After a dogged fight under the rod tip I netted a right chunky brute of a Barbel that weighed 12lb 11oz.
Photos done and fish returned I scattered out a few more freebies upstream and positioned the rods again.  About 90 minutes later the same rod was away again, the fish tore off downstream and put up a real battle in the heavy flooded river. 10 minutes later she slid over the net and I could feel as soon as I lifted the net she was a little bigger than the last.
At 13lb 5 oz I was over the moon, 2 fish for 26lb exactly and home just in time for the football. The Avon fish don't give themselves up easily but they're well worth the wait.
Roll on next time.