February 22, 2022 2 min read

Frost crunching under your boots, that numbing pain in your fingertips, so cold that putting your hand beneath the surface of the clear running water of the fast moving chalk steam actually relieves it.

Who’d of thought this would be what we bounce out of bed for!?
But we do, a clear night followed by subzero temperatures often suggests, stay next to the fire, it’s popcorn and movie time with the kids!!
But when life allows me, I get the calling from the lady of the stream!
Her black mottled flanks and vibrant dorsal is enough for me to venture out into the cold to battle the elements for just the chance to cradle surely the most beauty fish that swims in our waters.
Recently weather conditions and a family free day had me travelling to the beautiful River Frome in search of Grayling. Armed with my trusty 15ft Drennan Acolyte (nicknamed ‘Triggers Rod’) a fist full of floats, some Flavoured Sweetcorn, some flavoured Maggots a net and a flask of hot chocolate, I was cold but confident!
With only the morning clear my pal Stoner and I decided start at the far end of the stretch and work our way back to the truck. It wasn’t long until we started to get a few bites, a small Grayling and some trout soon found the trotted hookbaits and were safely returned.
But it took some time for the bigger girls to make an appearance! First decent fish fell to Stoner, not a weigher but clearly over 1lb pushing 1 and a half pounds!!
Then me, a slow trot running on the inside of a turbulent crease was interrupted by a dip and then a positive take! I was sure it was a trout but after a few seconds it was clear that I was attached to a chunky Grayling. After The usual twists and heart wrenching turns she soon broke the surface and glided silently into my waiting net!
A beautiful fish, weighing 2lb 2 ounces. We continued to find spots along the meandering river and were lucky enough connect with several good Grayling 2lb 2, 2lb 1, 1.15, 1.13, 1.13 being the best of the bunch! With honours even between Betalin soaked corn, and Betalin & Plum flavoured maggots!
A brilliant mornings fishing, and to make the day perfect, home for an afternoon with my 3 boys and Daughter! After all, life’s not just about fishing is it!