February 19, 2019 2 min read

Lindholme Lakes today for the open on Bonsai and Beeches. Beeches has been the inform lake of late, thought you would need to draw on there to frame. drew 19 on my favourite lake bonsai, still happy enough as it's been good area for the new stockie f1s.

Started off short tapping in micros fishing a 4mm Polly Eazy Expander on the hook. Had a couple of better f1s and a few stockies before no more signs. Middle part of match I've just alternated a couple of lines at 13m, again feeding micros. It's been steady away with stokies and the odd skimmer. By this point peg 15 has been clattering stockies out, I was way behind and my lines were slowing rapidly.

Opened up new lines at 14m but it's been rubbish! Would wait ages for bites off tiny stockies or roach. Same thing has happened on a line at 16m to the spinner, just couldn't get another run of fish. Last hour gone down the left hand margin where I've loose fed maggots next to the rushes all match . At first could only catch roach! Started to feed a bit of Hinders Tutti Expander Groundbait and I've then started to get the odd better f1 mixed in with silvers. Annoyingly I've lost 4 f1s in sunken branches in open water, knew it would be costly.

Ended up with 60lb for 6th overall, just missing out on framing by 4lb. Peg 15 has won the match with 100lb, then beeches has made up the rest of the framing places. Disappointing result but plenty of bites though! Well done Scott Weston on framing, even with my duff info....



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Best around

The best hemp around you will not buy better anywhere else

Hinders Mini Combo
Ryan beckerleg
Mini combo

In my opinion the mini combo is the only way when it comes to solid bags, the variety of micro pellets work perfectly filling out a solid bag making compacting them so easy! The combination of mini combo mixed with 50/50 is my go to solid bag mix and has accounted for many captures!

Hinders Pellet Combo
Ryan beckerleg
Pellet combo

I love hinders pellet combo and so do the fish! Such a versatile product whether it be used in mesh bags added to spod mix or used alone it’s sure to draw the fish in and keep them grubbing!

Pellet & Crustacean Groundbait 5kg
David Briers (Leicester)
ok for bulking up

Not much aroma .

Hinders Mini Combo
Teodor Minca
Best bait ever

Best carp bait