April 15, 2015 2 min read

Having arranged a 48hr session with Steve Clarke from Hinders a month prior, I was buzzing when Thursday morning came. Arriving at the lake early and meeting Steve and a good friend Josh Bennett we opted to fish the swim called the point. We set about fishing a baited area at 100 yards. The bait was Hemp, Corn, Betalin & Black Boilie, Tails-up Bait Pro-Seed dip & crushed Pro Seed boilie and Hinders Little Gemz 50/50 Combo. The hook bait was fake corn soaked in the awesome Betalin & Black.

With the rods marked up and out fishing, myself and Steve set about spoding the spot starting off with 20 spods then every half hour topping it up with 3-4 spods. Action came thick and fast and by the end of Thursday we had around 8-9 fish biggest falling to Steve at 18lb 3oz. The night soon past into morning and myself & Steve were excited for another productive day. Early in the morning I put out 3 solid pva bags filled with Little Gemz 50/50 combo and had 3 quick fish up to mid doubles. By the end of Friday our total was up to 17. We heavily baited the area and was set for a busy night ahead but unfortunately we only had 1 fish.

Again early morning came and the solid bags proved to work again accounting for a couple of upper doubles. The spot really started to kick off around 8.30am with takes coming quickly. We were on 19 fish and I turned to Steve and said how funny would it be that our 20th fish would be our first 20lb of the session as fate had it my right hand rod was away and you guessed it a 20lb mirror. We ended with 29 fish and by the end of the trip we were pretty tired. In the end with had 2 low 20's and upper and lower doubles. It was brilliant fishing and I will certainly be going back soon.