October 31, 2022 1 min read

C Food Betalin is a combination of our two most powerful attractors and our first 'savoury' Betalin. An excellent hookbait attractor, this product can also be added to particles, pellets, and groundbaits to give them an extra boost. It is entirely natural and cannot be overloaded

Betalin C Food

Betalin is not your average sweetener. It's a functional taste enhancer that contains Thaumatin and other extracts, which gives it the ability to work with such a wide variety of flavours. That's part of what makes Betalin so successful. Carp & Barbel love the taste of Betalin, and it has been proven to work in all water temperatures. The unique components of Betalin interact well with the C-FOOD attractor package. The C-FOOD attractor matrix contains low levels of Betalin, but by enhancing the levels of both, the overall end result is dynamic! The product can be used like any other Betalin product. There are no limits for direct spraying onto hook baits, pellets, particles etc. Our top tip is to soak hookbaits in neat C- Food Betalin. Whether you're fishing in winter or summer, C-Food Betalin will help you catch more fish. Give it a try today!