October 26, 2018 2 min read

Not many jobs booked in at work so volunteered to have a day off so I could fish the open at Carpvale . It's a dreaded rover draw midweek ,  just my luck I've ended up with last pick. 3 pegs I fancied before the draw were still available, picked corner peg 64 on front lake with a breeze blowing in. Kicked off short at 8m on a angle towards the corner. Managed 3 carp in the first 45 minutes. Bites completely dried up on this line so gone to 14m down side of the island, been pinging 6mm hinders pellets on this line from the off.

Had 3 quick carp before no more signs. I'd also been pinging the odd pellet at 14m to my left hand margin where the wind was blowing in. Had a look on this line expecting  it to be solid! No bites after 20 mins didn't look good. 

Middle part of the match has been very slow, had 2 more carp up to the island, 1 at 14m to the left hand margin and 3 at 16m down the right hand margin.  By this point peg 60 was emptying it ( or so I thought!).   With 45 minutes to go I pretty much thought I had no chance of framing and contemplated packing up. Decided to have one last look on the left hand 14m margin line. Finally they had arrived! Managed to catch 7 more carp ( 3 in last 5 mins) to finish off a slow day. Match has been a lot closer than I thought it would be,  80lb was best weight on Cyprio,  peg 60 won the match with 86lb and I've come 2nd with 83lb! Winner didn't pay in to the optional so I've picked up a bit more money too. All fish have been caught on 6mm Tutti Frutti Boosted Pellets, feeding  6mm Hinders Carp Pellets with a dash of the Tutti Booster Liquid. Really have got a lot of confidence in these pellets now,  getting me extra bites on hard days.