March 22, 2019 2 min read


Lake Ross winter league today. I’ve drawn peg 24, nice peg but was going to be hard with a cold night and a ridiculous wind hacking straight across me.

Started at 11m fishing a 4mm Polly Eazy Expanders and microes for 2 F1’s nice and quick, I’ve had to abandoned this line very quickly as the wind was to strong. Unfortunately this has been the only action I’ve had for the first hour.

I’ve eventually found some fish in the open water fishing a small open alloy method and have caught good runs of fish on it throughout the day. To finish up I’ve had a nice run of 6 F1’s and 2 carp down the edge on corn to fish the match.

I’ve ended up with 68lbs 11oz which has left me 2nd overall in the match and most importantly won me my section.


Lake Ross winter league today, I’ve drawn peg 21 in the corner. Nice looking peg with a long margin to your left but with only 20 odd lbs being caught off it for the last two week I wasn’t to sure what to think.

Started at 14.5 to the floating island but only had a couple of roach so went 14m to my left where I had about 4ft and started catching F1’s steadily. I’ve had to chase them about in the corner fishing between 13-14.5 m feeding small amounts of microes with Hinders Tutti Booster Liquid and a Hinders 4mm Polly’s Eazy Expander.

I’ve Fished two rigs down the edge, both were a mp4 floats in 4x12 when the wind calmed down and a 4x14 when it was blowing, both on .16 power micron main line to a .11 power micron hook length, a 18 silver bagger hook and a 8-10 slik elastic.

I’ve fished the match with 45lbs 8oz which has secured me another section, happy days



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