Nut 365 Feed Pellets 800g Multibuy

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Nut 365 Feed Pellets - the ultimate fish attractor for year-round loose feed! Loaded with our exclusive liquid attractor, these pellets are guaranteed to get fish competing for every last morsel in the swim. To maximize your chances of catching, it's crucial to keep the fish in the swim for as long as possible. Small feed pellets are the perfect solution, as they're less likely to be cleared quickly and can be used little and often.

Our 2.3mm pellets are particularly appetising, especially when loaded with our unique creamy nutty flavour with a rich chocolatey blend. There are a variety of methods you can use to apply Nut 365 Feed Pellets, depending on your angling style and location. We recommend spreading the pellets to encourage fish to move around and improve your chances of catching. A baiting pole can be effective, as can Spombing - just remember that little and often is better than one big hit.

  • Available in 2.3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8.5mm or 11mm
  • 800g

Customer Reviews

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Great bait bundle recommended.

Dean Edwards (Bristol)
Nut 365 feed pellet

Fantastic service from hinders as always

james smith (Lambeth)
Fantastic bait

Fantastic bait fantastic delivery.. been down linear for 4 nights fishing on the 365. Had 31lb and a pb of 37lb

Robert Rogers (Huntingdon)
The best

Top quality as usual from hinders👍


All ok