March 17, 2019 1 min read

Favourite venue: Theale Fisheries 
Favourite species: Carp
Favourite style: hinge stiff rig with plenty of freebies 
Favourite Hinders Bait: Betalin soaked tiger nuts 
Memorable Session: landing my new PB mirror carp, 33lb 10oz 
List of PB:
Carp 33lb 10oz
Barbel 14lb 4oz
Tench 11lb 2oz 

I started fishing with my dad around the age 5, fishing down our local brook for roach and little chub learning the basics about fishing. When I got older I then moved on to rivers fishing for barbel. After years of trying and many fish,I was lucky enough to catch my Pb barbel 14lb 4oz.
Andrew with a Barbel

Years later I’m still fishing but moved on to carp fishing as a member of various syndicates. I joined my new syndicate in April 2018 so I am new to the water but really enjoying a new challenge and had some lovely carp along the way including my PB mirror 33lb 10oz. I’m hoping for more of the same this year but I’m a busy hard working man with a young family so when I can I will be hopefully out on the bank catching some target fish.
Andrew with a Common Carp



Customer reviews

2141 reviews
Arrived on time, very good service.

These baits are just what I wanted, thank you for your service.


Excellent service and excellent baits

Wont cast out out with out it

Ever since I started fishing using betalin my catch rate went up I will never cast out with out in I have a 100% confidence in all hinders products but betalin is a game changer I always leave my plastic and zig bits soaking in it I was using it when I had my PB on a zig

Fish’s favourite 🐠

Tried liquidised bread and ground bait - fish not interested.
Threw in a couple of balls of Mark Pollard Canal mix and got a bit straight away. Fish could obviously smell it from a fair distance 🐟

Great pellets I trust in.

Since I’ve been using barbel blitz pellets my catch rate has increased
They are now my go to bait for barbel