February 14, 2019 1 min read

Favourite Venue: Woodchester
Favourite Species: Carp
Favourite Approach My approach is spending as much time as possible researching the venue and then putting in long hours waterside learning what I can to catch my target fish from a venue and I therefore will vary my style to suit different waters/fish but predominantly I'm a boilie angler.
Favourite Hinders Bait: Tiger Nut Hookbaits in Betalin
Mirror 37lb 12oz
Common 35lb 9oz
Andy with a Common Carp
I grew up in Kent and was taken out fishing from 3 years old by my late father who was an avid fisherman. He taught me how to trot a float down the river, fish the local gravel pits and also sea fishing from both the shore and his boat. I have spent my life fishing for lots of different species around the country but mainly carp/coarse fish, predators and sea fishing.
Andy with a Mirror Carp
I moved to the Cotswolds 21 years ago and due to the abundance of great carp lakes around these have been my main target for a number of years now. I've been lucky to have been friends with Keith Sykes for many years now and have fished and worked with him for a number of years both in his time at DT Baits and the last 5 years at Nash and am really excited to be able to continue to do so with Hinders. I prefer to fish for old, character UK bred fish rather than just thinking about size and weights.


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Best around

The best hemp around you will not buy better anywhere else

Hinders Mini Combo
Ryan beckerleg
Mini combo

In my opinion the mini combo is the only way when it comes to solid bags, the variety of micro pellets work perfectly filling out a solid bag making compacting them so easy! The combination of mini combo mixed with 50/50 is my go to solid bag mix and has accounted for many captures!

Hinders Pellet Combo
Ryan beckerleg
Pellet combo

I love hinders pellet combo and so do the fish! Such a versatile product whether it be used in mesh bags added to spod mix or used alone it’s sure to draw the fish in and keep them grubbing!

Pellet & Crustacean Groundbait 5kg
David Briers (Leicester)
ok for bulking up

Not much aroma .

Hinders Mini Combo
Teodor Minca
Best bait ever

Best carp bait