February 14, 2019 2 min read

Favourite Venue: Hampshire Avon
Favourite Species: Barbel
My preferred way of fishing: For Barbel is on a crystal clear river where I can watch them feed and work out the best approach necessary to catch them
My all time favourite bait: that will catch barbel (and chub) from any river in the country has to be the ever faithful Hinders Elips Pellet. This pellet is untouchable and will pull barbel instantly.
My most memorable session: That's a difficult one. I have been lucky enough to catch 3 doubles (or more) in a day from 5 different rivers across the country which include, Hampshire Avon, Dorset Stour, Warwickshire Avon, Severn and Trent. 
One catch that sticks out in my mind on the Hampshire Avon happened one December afternoon a number of years ago. I arrived at the river at 2 pm and was happy to see it coloured and a nice mild water temperature of 49f. The first 4 casts produced fish of 12lb 1oz, 11lb 5oz, 13lb 4oz & 14lb 4oz. Another occasion on the Avon I caught 3 x twelves and a 10lb. Finally the other occasion that sticks in my mind is a catch of 26 barbel with 7 doubles in a day from the Trent.
John with a Barbel
PB List:
Roach and Grayling over 2lb
Perch just over 3lb
Tench 7lb 10oz
Mirror Carp 29lb 10oz (whilst tench fishing)
Crucian Carp 3lb 12oz
Chub 7lb 13oz
Barbel 16lb 5oz
Sturgeon 165lb (British Columbia) 
John with a Chub
I caught my first double figure barbel on March 7th 1994 and since have caught over 400 doubles, mainly form the Hampshire Avon. I've caught other barbel over the magical 10lb mark from the rivers, Dorset Stour, Kennet, Loddon, Warks Avon, Severn, and Trent. In the winter when it's too cold for barbel I will fish for chub and have taken nearly forty over 7lb to a best of 7lb 13oz.