July 15, 2019 2 min read

About us - I’ve been fishing for over 30 years and many moons ago worked at Fosters of Birmingham whilst at school/uni. Cosmo started fishing at 4, and unexpectedly fell in love with carp fishing a year later. Milo was jealous of the time Cosmo was spending fishing with me so was out fishing shortly after his 3rd birthday and on his first session was caching tench just under the surface on a freezing cold day whilst everyone else struggled (he likes to be different). Megan fished with her dad as a child but started to come fishing when she realised how many weekends the kids and I were off fishing and so Fishing Family UK was born.

We love all kinds of fishing and I feel that it’s important for the kids to try all sorts of different kinda of fishing to find what they enjoy. We fish for all species and are just as happy with a fly rod as a carp rod. We also like lure fishing as it keeps the kids active and warm in the colder months. What’s most important is to take your kids fishing (and their friends and relatives too) and make it fun! We hope to inspire others to to do the same.

We also get involved in a couple of charities - Lucy’s Bowl - Raising Funds For Guide Dogs, and we also volunteer with Get Hooked on Fishing (last year as part of a very small group of volunteers we gave over 1000 people a taste of fishing in 4 days at BBC Countryfile live)

Favourite venue: Fisherwick Lakes

Favourite species: Common Carp

Favourite Style/approach: Surface fishing, or any style where you can sight fish!

Most memorable session - for Cosmo it is when he dropped onto a margin spot I’d been failing at catching from, he landed 3 fish including his 3rd 20

For me any sessions with my kids are my favourite, when Cosmo was 7 I set my pb at 24lb 13oz Common Carp, the next morning Cosmo landed a 17lb 10oz leather which went viral and got 10000 likes on social media. 

Cosmo’s first 20 was also a memorable moment after waiting 67 hours for the bite he broke the 20lb mark, he’d been convinced he was on the right spot for it, incredible patience for a 8 year old (at the time).

Another special one for me was when I helped Milo after he hooked his first catfish, it wasn’t surprising he needed help as it weighed 34lb 4oz and he was only 46lb and 6 years old!

A completely different memory was the day we set out to see how many rudd we could catch, as a family we managed in excess of 400!