January 02, 2020 1 min read

Favourite Venue: River Dane 

Favourite species: Dace and Chub

Favourite style/approach : Stick Float/Bolo for Dace over ground bait 

Favourite Hinders Bait: Mark Pollard Supercharged Natural Black Ground Bait

Most memorable session: Love every time I go fishing but for me the most memorable session was the very first one with my dad on the canal at the age of 5. The magic of fishing creating some memories that require no pictures, replicating that with my children is a close second. 

PBs: Dace: 1lb1oz Roach: 2lb1oz Perch: 3lb Barbel: 10lb11oz Pike: 21lb3oz Carp: 21lb1oz


An all round angler who loves opening his door in a morning and heading out in search of whatever species I feel the day suits.  Love being on the banks of the river with the peace and quiet it brings in contrast to my 9-5 work life. Enjoy sharing my adventures through my youtube channel "Dannys Angling Blog".