August 05, 2020 2 min read

I’m not sure quite how to describe myself as an angler?(Other than a handsome one :D) I suppose it’s just that! An angler, and an angler in its purest form! The definition of angling is the pursuit of fish using a rod and line! 
For me the challenge is and always will be to discover the key to unlock the door. The door could be anything, Perch, Rudd, Tench, Catfish, Crucian’s, Grayling , Carp, Sturgeon, Giant Skate, Roach or Dace! The list is endless, however the pursuit is always so different! 
Fishing for different species allows me to enjoy a diverse set of environments and experiences some anglers might never see, a tench fishers dawn! Rudd hitting the surface at sunset or grayling seeking shadows Under the Icy waters of a clear chalk stream. My local venue could be anywhere too, as travelling the length and breath of the UK and sometimes the world in pursuit of the next fish is an added bonus too!  
I am lucky I guess, each day holds a new challenge to strive for and a new technique to master and sometimes, when the planets line up the results  can be spectacular! 
My favourite species of fresh water fish is probably the Rudd. To me it is by far the most beautiful fish that swims in British waters, and one of few fish that take your breath away when you catch a big one! A very close second is the Perch! A handsome creature if ever there was one! 
My favourite venue is next to the water! Beauty is everywhere, intimate ponds, large reservoirs, trickling  chalk streams or flooded rivers. Each hold opportunity and mystery 
My favourite Hinders bait is Betalin, I must use gallons of it! It creeps into a lot of what I do! Soaked hookbaits, method mixes and free offerings, it’s become a comfort blanket in recent years. 
Identifying a ‘most memorable moment’ is tricky! Capturing large specimen fish is always very memorable! And targeting As many different species as I do makes it almost impossible to choose one! 
However, my 3lb 7oz Grayling has to be a highlight, as well as my 4lb 4oz Crucian! But to be honest I have been lucky enough to have several of these moments, most of which have fantastic stories behind them! 
List of PB’s 
Perch - 4lb 5 
Roach - 2lb 8
Carp -37lb 10 Uk 
Carp - 55lb 15 France 
Catfish - 124lb 
Grayling - 3lb 7 
Crucian - 4lb 4
Barbel - 16lb 15 
Chub - 7lb 4 
Golden orfe - 7lb 6
Tench - 9lb 10 
Giant skate - 216lb 
Blue Shark - 121lb 
Sturgeon- 189lb
Porbegal - 110lb 
I absolutely love my fishing, it’s given me some incredible memories and I’ve been lucky enough to share them with some great friends! 
Tight lines everyone