January 10, 2023 2 min read

Favourite Tactic: Solid Bags 
Favourite species: Carp Mirror 
Carp PB: 35lb 11oz Common 
Carp PB: 30lb 8oz 
Favourite Bait: Pellets, Pellets Pellets!

I’ve been fishing from a very young age learning the ropes on a whip catching gudgeon, progressing to my first rod and reel catching roach, perch, bream and tench before the bug of carp fishing really took hold. I’ve been quite lucky to always live within a stones throw of somewhere to fish and it really allowed me to fine tune my own style of angling. Park lakes are where I learnt how to adapt to various different scenarios such as snag fishing, stalking, fishing to features etc. as with so many things up against you when fishing park lakes it certainly put me on a steep learning curve. Passing my driving test at a young age and having the freedom to explore I’ve fished so many different types of waters over the years from weedy syndicates, baron reservoirs, half acre park lakes to massive gravel pits and this is what keeps me motivated. I enjoy the challenge of visiting different venues as it always keeps me on my toes, keeps me thinking about how to catch from each and every venue I visit, for me consistency is key and being able to put fish on the mat each session means I am doing something right.
Some of you may recognise me from YouTube as for a number of years now I have been Vlogging my angling adventures and sharing these videos of the ups, downs and everything in between. My videos are a raw reflection of how my session has panned out so if you haven’t yet checked them out feel free to subscribe to my channel, just search: Martyns Angling Adventures