August 06, 2017 2 min read

Another great days fishing at Flaxlands Fishery using some new tactics I recently picked up from my good friend Steve clark who I have had the pleasure of fishing with a number of times at the venue. The last time we fished together he showed me his new spin on pellet feeder fishing so I decided to put it to good use and effect on my recent trip. The main part of this tactic is to fish and feed tight so I selected a swim where I could get the most from this type of fishing.

My swim consisted of a nice muddy bank with overgrown grass either side of the muddy cove where I would be chucking at. Before I started I began to ping a few pellets across to the far bank of the island for about 10minuets this tactic definitely worked as I could see the carp digging around and clouding up the swim. It was time to chuck the pellet feeder loaded with Just The Ticket Groundbait with a banded pellet.  As soon as it hit the water nice and tight and by the time it was on my rest the tip of my rod pulled right round.

I have also found by feeding over the top of my feeder that the fish never went away from my spot and by doing this on a steady basis this enabled me to change methods as the steady feeding over the top encouraged the carp to start feeding shallow so out came the pellet waggler. Straight away I was in the action which was non-stop all day and ended up with 105 carp including a nice double of 16lb.

It just goes to show no matter how much you think you know, getting a different opinion from another angler goes a long way....