March 19, 2019 2 min read

A great 24hrs on Whelford Poolsthis weekend with my good mate Bruce, in some horrific conditions, which included heavy downpours and gale force winds, but that was not going to stop me from enjoying my 24hr birthday trip. On arrival I had a quick scout around the lake as there was already people on the lake and to see what swims were available. After having a brief chat with some anglers and looking round the lake is decided to settle in a swim head on in the strong winds, as knowledge as always told me that carp love a strong wind and will follow it.

Whelford Carp caught on Betalin & Black

I decided to fish 2 different tactics, both set ups would be PVA bags, but 1 would be fished with just pellet and water and the other would be fished with fake maggot socket in Betalin & Black, filled with maggots and Gemz 50/50. Both rods would be fished in open water at the same distance. My way of thinking behind this was it would give me an idea of what the fish would want and this would prove relevant, as within an hour I had my 1st take on my right hand rod which was baited with the Betalin Black soaked fake maggot and after a nice scrap I held a nice lean looking carp of 18lb, Bang off the mark!!

As I said before my tactics would let me know what the fish wanted and that proved to be right, as for the rest of my trip I didn't receive a single touch on the water and pellet bag even though they were put out the same amount of times as the maggot rod. I ended my 24hr session 3 fish out of 4 due to a hook pull, but that's fishing. I would also like to thank Olly Luka for fixing me rod tip in the onsite tackle shop, as it was this rod that produced all my fish. Top man, top fishery and I can't wait to go back.