June 04, 2018 2 min read

Upon arriving at linear Fisheries in torrential rain, I scouted the lake for signs of showing fish. It didn’t take long to see them boshing and cruising the surface in the shallows of Brasenose 2.  Not surprising considering the warm temperatures that we’ve experienced in recent weeks!! 

I set up my bivvy in a nice overgrown area just off the margins and for reason, I always put a rod in the margins and this method more often than not, delivers a fish. The overgrown foliage provided shelter and shade from the sun during the hottest parts of the days to follow. 

Despite the rain, I continued to put my bait out. I put maybe 15 large spombs out of over a small area of gravel that I’d managed to find while probing around with a lead.  The spod mix was made up of mixed pellet, crunchy particle, corn, frenzied sludge and a moderate helping of 12mm Nut 365 Boilie

Once the bait was out it wasn’t long before the traps were into action! Fishing a wafter topped with corn on a Ronnie rig and a 365 topped with a 12mm Manila popup on a standard hair rig tied with stiff boom.

I had a few liners and knocks through the first night and into the following morning but by sunrise.. the fish were no longer showing. The next 24 hours were a disappointment and not a single tone from the Nash siren s5rs. 

As the 72 hours drew to an end my net remained dry, my spirits dampened and hopes of a fish diminished. I was consistent with the spots I fished but the carp just didn’t find the bait. 

With that said every day is a lesson and already I know what I’ll do differently next time. 

Until then..