June 02, 2016 1 min read

It was my first trip to the Acorn Fishery complex and after getting advice from Kev and Bryan I decided to target the carp with Hinders Cream Stim and Fruitz Wafters inside tightly packed PVA bags filled with a mix of Little Gemz and 2mm Krill Pellets these were cast tight to the 'steps; of the island from Peg 10.

During the first day I managed a mid-double Mirror and a little Common but after getting multiple beeps on the alarms every time I recast as I suspected that the pellets were getting attacked by the smaller Carp as soon as they settled on the bottom so I decided to switch one of the rods over to a boilie rig with a critically balanced Nash Baits 'The Key' and yellow corn dipped in Almond Betalin combo with a small PVA mesh bag of crushed boilie and Little Gemz.

I recast the change of tactic to the end of the island in front of a gravel bar and scattered a few boilies over the top. Within 20 minutes the rod tore off and I was attached to a PB Common of 23lb 7oz. Shortly after the capture of this fish the weather changed, the rain moved in and the wind changed direction and the night passed without any further action. Despite a strong NE wind I managed to catch one more double the following day before having to pack up - really enjoyed my first trip and staying in the hut makes it very comfortable no matter what the weather. I look forward to getting more time off work and returning to Acorn again soon.