March 29, 2017 2 min read

After a great first session at Linear Fisheries Manor Lake I decided I couldn't wait any longer and rescheduled in another trip. With a busy lake I didn't get my first choice swim but a few nights ahead of me I was more than willing to set up as close to the fish as I could get with the option of moving the following day if needed.

I started in a swim called the Muddys and I was feeling confident of a fish or two. Within the first 24 hours I did manage a low twenty but felt like I should be catching more. Keeping a close eye on the water saw me moving into the Browns swim just as soon as it became available. I went on to land another 4 carp all over twenty pound with the biggest being 27lb 12oz.

Last time single red and black foam soaked in Betalin did the trick, but with more fish on the move it felt like now was the time to introduce some bait. After a chat with Steve from Hinders he showed me some of the new Fish Soup which Hinders are currently in the middle of testing. I managed to convince him to let me give it a try "result". Keeping a steady stream of the new spod mix saw me catch five twenties when other struggled, I have to say this stuff is going to catch a fair few fish this season of that I'm sure.

No change to my rig set-up, ESP Hooks absolutely nailing them, if you haven't tried the new hooks, give them ago.

Tight lines