April 06, 2017 2 min read

After a very successful couple of sessions on Manor, I decided I would have a change of scenery so on Saturday night I had a quick look at the weather and noticed a high pressure system coming in and opted to fish B1.

The tactics I set out to use was zigs with a new spod soup coming out from Hinders in the near future. I didn’t want to put all my eggs in once basket so to speak so I opted to fish one rod on a solid bag. After a quite couple of hours I decided the zigs needed to be longer as it was very hot mid-afternoon. I made up two 8ft zigs with a size 6 ESP Classic hook and 12lb double strength with red foam which was soaking in the Betalin and Sweet Almond from when it first come out. Out they went with 5 spombs over its head and also redoing the solid bag whilst I was at it.

To my surprise I didn’t have to wait long but it was the solid bag that was away first. After wiping out my zig rods I landed a lovely 16lb scaly mirror, absolute made up and off the mark it was time to get the zigs back out there. More spombs on top of the zigs and whilst sorting the 2nd rod out the 1st rod was away and I could tell it was a better fish. Playing it carefully I guided in a lovely 28lb big framed mirror and I was on cloud 9 at this stage. I unhooked the fish and left it in the net and sent the rod straight back out and 4 more spombs on the top, and no sooner had I put the spomb rod down the same rod was away MADNESS!

After another tense fight I was able to slip the net under a lovely 20lb mirror so that was a brace of 20s in a space of 5 minutes and only fishing with 1 rod at that time. It just shows the power of the zigs this time of the year. After all the weighing and photos were done I set about getting all 3 rods back out on the dance floor.

After around an hour I had a screaming run on the solid bag rod and was able to land another mirror at 18lb so that was two fish to the zigs and two to the bags in a short feeding spell. The rest of the evening and night went by with out anything, but I was happy with my 4 fish in a 15hr session. I will certainly be back down Linear soon.

Until Then Enjoy your fishing