August 28, 2016 1 min read

Stephen Bell has just returned from Wraysbury after having one of the biggest hits to have ever been caught from the iconic venue. His 29 fish haul was topped with the awesomely dark Long Sutton.

In Stephens own words....
"It took me 36 hours into my session to realise the effect of dipping my hookbaits into the Betalin. It was astonishing! Literally if hook baits were dipped it would go off within ten minutes of going out. I left one rod for 36 hours without a touch then when I realised it was the Betalin they were looking for, I reeled that rod in, dipped it in Betalin, cast back to same spot and few minutes later it was away and even though I had just put a big hit of particles and boilies out, I had bites very quickly and this was definitely due to the fact they were searching for my hookbaits in Betalin."