August 22, 2016 1 min read

I'm on my summer break I managed to fit in another trip two days later on Monday. I left Swindon under the cover of darkness and arrived just over an hour later at the majestic River Wye. As I pulled into the carpark I could see across the fields the river was covered in mist - perfect - so I grabbed my rods and headed off across the fields to get a few hours fishing in before the sun got too high in the sky. I headed to a swim I'd fished before and throw a Korum river feeder packed with Barbel Bomb Groundbait with fish pro soaked Elips Pellets tight to the far bank, let out a big loop of line and before I'd had time to sit down the rod twitched and then looped over and I was into my first 5-pound Barbel of the day which was followed over the next hour by three more muscle packed Barbel - I couldn't believe my luck.

Mark with a cracking Wye Barbel

I fished for the next five hours, two of which were ruined by 30plus canoes coming through the swim, which in the low clear water, sent the fish deep under cover. But after the disturbance I persevered and finally decided to call it a day when the sun hit its height in the sky but I ended the day with seven Barbel to 8lb 8oz and two small but greedy Chub well worth the early start.