August 11, 2016 1 min read

I'm Jean-Paul Picart and attached is the result of my first catch from Linear Fisheries on B2, it's a special catch to me as it's my first fish from the lake after a dozen visits and can tell by my catch rate that is not good. I switched to buying my bait online from yourselves recently which I have made my bait of choice using the Supreme Cream which is soaked in slime with a drop of Almond Booster which has helped me bag my personal best uk carp. The reason why this is so sweet and made me very happy with the confidence in the bait that I'm using but also my wife joined me on the 24hr trip for the first time in our lifetime together to share my happiness and joy with my new pb.

Thanks to all at Hinders for a great bait and great service that is A1 and I know I'm not local but everything I've brought has been an exceptional service.