September 20, 2019 3 min read

A couple of years ago I saw a picture of a fish that certainly got the buzz going. It was a perfect zip linear that was a thing of pure beauty. It stood out above all the other fish in the lake as being the queen of the pond. It was far from the biggest fish I have ever caught but what it lacked in size it certainly made up for it in looks. 

Things had been going well on the chosen lake and running up to the trip I had already managed many 30lb plus fish. Some of the fish I had been catching prior to this trip had certainly been special fish. But in the back of my mind I had been longing to see that zip linear twisting a turning in the clear water. I knew it had to make a mistake sooner or later. It hadn’t made a mistake since last summer and I felt it was a matter of time. 

The said trip had started off really well which was good as I had only 24hrs at my disposal this trip. After a quick lap of the lake I located a few fish where I expected to find them in all honesty the sun was beaming down on a flat lake and I had located them at the shallow end of the 30acre pit. I hurriedly got the gear round to my chosen swim. It was 10:30am when I finally settled down with the rods in position. 

Bait wise I had opted the same mix that had been doing me super proud. A mix consisting of hemp, tigers,Beta’nana boilies and mixed hinders pellets was deposited over the rods. I opted to fish a blowback rig with aBetalin flavoured Tiger on the hair. All 3 rods were fished identical. I was super confident of the rigs and bait after recent success was far better than expected. 

By 1pm I had managed 4 fish including a stunning linear of 27lb. Also I had managed a cracking snub nose common of 26lb. Unfortunately the next bite was a repeat from the week before , a stunning 35lb mirror that was usually a rare visitor to the bank. I went into the night super confident of more action. That night I managed 2 more fish topped by a 28lb mirror. 

Next morning I managed another mirror of mid twenties. They were really hammering the bait at this point. Unfortunately I was running out of time the rods were placed on the deck as I packed down the alarms with everything but the barrow and just the rods left. Suddenly the left rod at range was away. The spool spinning freely and the rod shaking on the floor. I hurriedly grabbed the rod and applied pressure as the fish surged on a long line. The fish managed to lock me up solid in a weed bed. Suddenly the right rod on the floor was away. I couldn’t believe it I had a double take to now deal with. I looked out at the spot the right rod was positioned at to see a large bow wave leave the area. I dropped the rod that the fish had locked me up in a weed bed and picked up the other rod that clearly had a very angry decent fish attached. I was switching rods as both fish continued to find weed beds. After what seemed like an age I netted the rod which had gone first. A mid twenty lay beaten in the mesh. I picked up the remaining rod and applied pressure. I could feel the weed bed giving way. Suddenly it was moving. I pumped the unseen fish back from its position 40 yards or so out. I prayed the fish was still attached I knew it was a good one and one I didn’t want to loose it. 

Around 10 yards out I caught a glimpse of a mirror turning over with the weed. My legs went to jelly as I was sure I could see a line of saucer sized scales down the fishes flank. Could this be it I thought to myself, could this finally be the one. I slipped the net under the weed bed and the fish and scooped it all up in one go. Pulling the bet closer I ripped at the weed and there it was the big zip linear was mine. A fish I had really wanted badly. At 31lb 8oz she was well spawned out. Weight for me was immaterial it was the looks that made me hunt for this incrediblecarp.


The drive home was a great one. Music blaring and a big smile across my face. 

Big carp buzz

Craig Runham