March 16, 2023 1 min read

As the fishing season comes to a close, fishing on the Hampshire Avon this winter has tested my skill and determination. With record-high river levels and water temperatures dipping below 1 degree Celsius, it was a challenge just to get out the front door.

As I  braved the elements, the rewards were most definitely worth it. I recently caught a stunning barbel weighing in at 13lb 11oz and five chub, all lured in by a C Food Dumbell wrapped in matching paste. The barbel took the bait in a clearing river after just half an hour into the dark, providing a thrilling moment of triumph.

Looking back on the past four months, it's clear that this has been one of the toughest winters on the Avon in recent memory. But I am proud of  persevering and being resilient in the face of such challenges.

As the season draws to a close, I am already looking forward to the next one. With the crucian and tench fishing season just around the corner, there's no time to rest on their laurels. It's time to prepare for new challenges and opportunities, armed with the knowledge and experience gained from this season.